It's Time We Started Winning the Culture War

 1 Million K-6 Kids of Faith and their Grandparents, Trained & Working Together to Take Back the Culture

1 Million K-6 Kids of Faith 

(300k Catholics, 600k Christian, 100k Jews)

10,000 College Students of Faith

1 Million Parents of those K-6 kids

1 Million Grandparents of those K-6 kids


10 Million @Risk Kids in the US

And taking back control of our culture  (education, technology and social media)

By learning how to create wealth, health, character, civic engagement through God's teachings.

This "Gideon-like" Army, armed with their faith, world leading technology and brotherhood, will change the world as they fight to take back the culture that has been hijacked over the years.

What are the Alpha and Omega Force?

The Alpha and Omega Forces are a revolutionary family-driven, game-based learning platform that helps kids, parents and communities use technology to be successful. It has been designed specifically to help faith-based families realize their potential and become leaders in their community.

We know how to do this - we've already helped over 10 million families around the world learn the life-skills of success! And have been researched and published by Harvard as the best place for kids to learn.

This is our mission – to use technology to help our families, community and country recommit to those values that have brought us success. Our goal is to be providing this program to 1 million families across the USA, who will become the "front line" of the culture war. 

If we engage and train faith-based families with kids under 12 to become leaders in their world, chances are exponentially better they will govern themselves and others accordingly in their teenage years and beyond. 

The time to act is now, we've been losing this war long enough!


What is the Battle Plan?

1. Take back control of education


Our kid-driven, game-based learning platform doesn't require a teacher or classroom time. Kids learn entrepreneurship, health, character, civics and God's teachings. 

This 30-60 mins per day of extended life-skills learning complements their learning in school.

2. Fight Fire with Fire - use Technology


When we see 70% of college students that come from a good Christian home, drop their faith – we know we’re losing the battle out there. We need to take back the battle on the education, technology and culture front - long before our children turn 12. Just as the Jesuits would say -  Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.

3. Follow the Money - Grandparents want to spend


Grandparents control 75% of the wealth in this country, yet they are being left "out in the cold" due to technology that has created a chasm between them and their grandkids. We need to use technology to reestablish the connection between these generations. 

They are willing to pay for that.

4. Teach Correct Principles of Freedom, Family & Success


We can deliver the critical life-skills families need to be successful - skills such as the importance of family, God, country, and the ability to create wealth, good health and character.

When people learn these principles, they don’t allow themselves to be blown about by the winds of fad and fantasy, but rather become a catalyst for good for current and future generations.

5. Bring all Judeo-Christian Religions Together


We all have more in common that not. We all come from the same family of Abraham. Both Christians and Jews around the world are being prosecuted, in addition to our values and teachings being struck from the social fabric of our society.

We need to come together and become better at communicating and engaging with the masses.

6. One Warrior Mentors 10 @Risk kids


There is great power in mentoring. The first 1 million kids of faith will become mentors to other kids that need a helping hand up. We will be targeting 10 million @Risk kids in depressed communities around the country. We will help those kids take advantage of opportunities to realize their God-given potential and develop the character and values that will become a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Here's some of our theme songs for the Alpha and Omega Forc


Kids Love Swag

We will take advantage of every point of interest for the kids - technology devices, backpacks, cool t-shirts, etc. These young children are extremely impressionable at this age and they are actively being bombarded by the media and vendors who don't have their best interest at heart. 

We counteract those constant daily impressions with a positive message of their charge and privilege to fight for God.