Grandparents want to Support their Grandchildren

We Make that Happen

Grandparents control about 75% of the wealth in America. Over the next 20 years, we will see the largest wealth transfer in history – about $30 Trillion will be passed along to the upcoming generations to manage.

There are some who want to control what that money does and who it goes to - this leads to a socialist America. 

Responsible families want to use that money to continue to build their own legacy, which in turn drives America’s prosperity - this leads to a free and prosperous America. 

We help those Grandparents put their wealth towards their legacy - their family, country and God.

How do you get the attention of those grandparents?

There are 60 million of them on Facebook, mostly there to try to connect with their grandkids and their family. 

We will offer them the free version of the education platform with the opportunity to upgrade to the premium version.

Grandparents are already spending an average of $1000/yr on education for their grandkids. 

With those grandparents funding their grandchild’s “real-life” education (with a possible education tax credit), we will be able to scale up a massive education and advocacy campaign that will impact millions of other families and ultimately tip the scales in favor of the silent majority of Americans that believe and are interested in family, country, God, wealth and health, and are anxious to do their part to make this country even greater.

Congregations: those congregations that work with us will get a share of the revenue to cover their own costs. They will get $120/year out of the $400. So if an organization brings on 10 families they will get $1,200 or if they bring on  10,000 paid families,  they will receive $1.2 million/year.

College Mentors: the college students that are selected and hired by Mission Inc. will receive $10/month ($120/yr of the $400) to mentor the grandchild each month in the game. Those College Mentors will also connect with and engage with the Grandparents.

Next Mission Inc: will receive $120/year of the $400 to cover ongoing management, support and development of the game.

Smartphone device: $40 will go to a smartphone to be purchased for the child who will gain ownership after 1 year of learning.