Finally - Using Technology to Further God's Plan

Our youth are being bombarded with technology, from the time they are old enough to swipe their finger, they are surrounded by the enticing and instant gratification of technology.

We need to offset that harmful exposure to technology with "controlled" access to content and interactions that not only inspire, teach and lift up, but connect the upcoming generation to those generations that have gone before them - as it says in Malachi - to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers.

By providing the child with their first mobile device that only runs Apps that teach critical life-skills, connects them to their parents and grandparents and inspirational leaders, and enlists them in the army of God with daily tasks and challenges - we can build their moral fiber before they turn 12 - a moral compass that will not only carry them thru the rest of their lives, but will help them carry others.

In the war that is being waged against our children and culture - technology is the greatest weapon that will either be used against us or for us - we decide.


This is how Grandparents can connect with their Grandkids


Do you want to get the attention of your Grandkids - attention that is relevant and more than a few obligatory seconds? Give them their first mobile device before they turn 12 and you will have their undivided attention during their most important and formative years. 

If you don't control that technology thats in front of them during those years - then someone else will, and that someone else does not have the best of intentions for your Grandchild nor your legacy.

We are losing our kids - before they turn 12 and its happening right under our noses.

The Aphone - Helping Parents Take Control of Technology

Parents today are faced with significant challenges presented by technology. How they manage these challenges will have an impact on the future of their kids. Parents pretty well have three choices:

  1. Just let their children use technology at whatever age their friends are using it, and hope it all works out,
  2. Cut them off from using technology until a certain "responsible" age of accountability, and then hope they will listen to the adults wanting to teach them the habits of governing themselves properly,
  3. Give them the technology when you still have influence over what they learn (before 12 yrs old), and they are still open to learning, and then provide a controlled technology experience that lays the foundation for the rest of their lives. You are in control of how they develop the habits of technology and how it can be used for good. What kids learn before 12 yrs old, stays with them for the rest of their lives.


Give Your Child Technology When you Can Control It

As experienced parents, educators and technologists, we strongly urge every parent of young children to take advantage of the small window of opportunity when your child is the most receptive to your teaching and developing good habits for life - before they turn 12.

If you are relying on the media to teach your child before or after they turn 12, or hope they'll figure it out for themselves, especially those parents who wait until their child turns 14, 15 or 16 - its not going to end well. You have just delayed the inevitable - your child is going to be controlled by technology and the media.

The best time to develop the habits, perspective and discipline that will drive a lifetime of using technology for good, is before they turn 12.


Technology Can Break the Cycle of Poverty

The Aphone is a perfect companion to the young student. It's locked down with only the kid-driven, game-based learning apps that will help the child learn how to create wealth, health, good character and 21st century life-skills. 

It will also have a chat app for their family and the College Mentor assigned to them in the game. Each day the family will complete daily tasks that will develop good habits, and daily riddles that will help them become problem solvers.

Many @Risk kids are stuck in a cycle of poverty and underachievement. They need an "out" if they are going to break that cycle. Technology serves as the perfect "off ramp" to break out of their generational cycle. 

If the right technology is used early in the child's life, then it can help break them out of these disruptive cycles. The same technology given to them when they become teenagers, becomes more risky.


Become an Active Owner

As the child uses the device to learn and do good, they eventually earn ownership of the device, and even ownership in our company that is managing the program.

Once the child and their family starts to experience the excitement of ownership, they will change their perspective from a dependent person to one of an owner.

Ownership changes everything.

An Essential Part of "Training up the Child"

The Aphone not only impacts the child, but their family, the community and the country as well – specifically the minority @Risk students and their families. It delivers a great impact on their desire to learn and engage as a leader in 21st century skills, civics, family, health & fitness and character, and one who is motivated by ownership and opportunity. 

The Aphone is not only a tool to deliver learning content for the student, but its also a communicator for their family members and coaches. They will also receive regular messages from celebrities and civic leaders, as they share motivational and encouraging messages.

This device is their "off ramp" from the generational cycles they are stuck in and the "on ramp" to opportunity and success.

The device will be locked down with only our apps plus a few other apps that help parents manage the technology and use it as a device to connect generations.