The Alpha and Omega Forces Platform


Connect Generations

Technology is used to create more connections between the grandparents and the grandkids. The parents also increase their communication with all parties.

Develop Healthy Habits

Kids, parents and grandparents can all learn and practice techniques to increase their health and well-being.

Become a Force for Good

The kids will be trained to get engaged in civics and the community and to stand up and fight for the values that have made this country great.

Learn Leadership

The child will learn the critical 21st century life-skills that will help them become a leader in their family, community and even the world as they work with kids from all around the world. 

Develop Good Character and Values

The kids learn and practice good character and are coached along by their parents and grandparents. 

Learn How to Create Wealth

All kids learn the principles of entrepreneurship and how to create things of value that other people want. They learn and apply the skills with their team mates in the game. 


Experience Ownership

Ownership changes everything. The kids, their parents and grandparents will have the opportunity to learn 2 earn a part of the company. This is a revolutionary model that will change the way people learn. The kids will also be able to work to own their own smartphone that is locked down with our Apps and the family chat.

Make the Family Stronger

From the early formative years, the kids are wired to use technology for good - to make themselves, their family and their country better. The family becomes the foundation for this strength. 

All Kids get School Choice

Instead of only a lucky few that are chosen to go to the great charter schools, every student can now experience even better learning than charter schools, by staying in their existing school and using the School Choice+ supplemental program.

Parents and Grandparents get Trained

Parents are motivated by the game and their child to learn the skills of parenting in a 21st century world. Every parent needs this training. 

Everyone is Motivated

The grandparents want connection with their grandkids and want to create a lasting legacy. The parents want to have a good family that brings honor to the family. The kids want to have fun using technology and earn the praise of their family and peers. 

Become a Political Force

Due to the civic training and the critical mass of families working in unison, God's Army will become a force in DC and statewide that will be respected and reckoned with.


These are the two Apps - one for the family members to chat and connect with, and the other for the kids to learn the life-skills of success.


We’ve taught millions of kids around the world with the world leading Daily Vitals kid-driven, game-based learning platform and are now ready to focus on every family and neighborhood across the country. We will use the Daily Vitals platform to power the Alapha and Omega Forces program. Go to to find out more about this revolutionary program. 

Research Data Downloads

These are some of the programs we've done in the US and the data and research that has resulted from those very successful programs.

WY district results final (pdf)


Harvard Study - hired by the US Dept of Justice to create a digital literacy program for 2 mil kids (pdf)